Bluelofts Homes

Bluelofts homes combine futuristic lifestyle and community living while ensuring the needs of single-family homes.

Renting is the future of single-family homes.

Rent it like You Own it

We innovate and improve the home rental experience to better serve Texan families.
We build homes and communities.

Forbes Magazine predicts that by 2030, about 13 million new American families will be living in single-family rentals. Bluelofts Homes positions itself to meet the growing demand for premier rental homes in prime locations. The homes will have apartment-like amenities, private backyards, and flexible lease without mortgage debt or the need for exterior maintenance.

Rent it like you own it. Homes for rent designed for promoting a better lifestyle.

Featured Projects
Bluelofts Homes Broadwalk

Dallas Tx 174 BTR

BH at Summer Village

Dallas Tx 170 BTR 

BH at Middlefield

Dallas Tx 150 BTR

What We buy

Building communities that serve people and not the other way around.


Suburban growth corridors.

Land Acquisition Location

5Texas, Central, Southeast and Southwest.


Raw land, paper lots for residential developments.

Contract Type

Acquisition, Strategic Join Venture, Design-Build or management

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