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Own a piece of Downtown Fort Worth's skyscraper, earn income and appreciation

Fort Worth, Tx
Multifamily Redevelopment
89 Units
The Star on 7th
min $25k
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Investment Terms
ROI: 262%
Pref Return: 6%
Rent Ready: 2027
IRR: 18%
Holding period: 5-7Years
Investor Type:
Accredited Investors
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The Star on 7th is a 19-story building located in Downtown Fort Worth. Originally built in 1929, it features a blend of Art Deco and Gothic designs.
The building is being renovated into 89 luxurious residential apartments, with a total size of 273,326 SF.
Furthermore, with a long-term GSA tenant anchoring the property, the building's rental income will contribute to reducing our holding costs.
Situated in historic downtown Fort Worth near Sundance Square and the West 7th district; the property offers convenient access to a vibrant destination encompassing 35 blocks of shopping, dining, and entertainment.
Downtown Fort Worth is one of the most lively CBD entertainment districts in the country. This submarket significantly outperforms the majority of DFW.
Combining modern functionality with historic charm, this area was recently hailed as the best downtown in the nation by
Over the past three decades, downtown Fort Worth has successfully transformed itself into one of the country's most prosperous mixed-use urban developments.


Located in downtown Fort Worth near Sundance Square, this property provides easy access to a bustling destination spanning 35 blocks of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The Star on 7th is undergoing revitalization, transforming 273,326 SF of under-occupied office space into a mixed-use community. The development will include ground-level retail, high-rise multifamily and penthouse suites, as well as a distinctive skyline mixed-use restaurant concept. This project is a rare infill redevelopment opportunity in Fort Worth's urban core.

The Reasons to Invest in the Star on 7th

Prime Market

Dallas-Fort Worth, with a total population of more than 7.5 million, ranks 4th in terms of U.S. largest metros and is continually ranked as one of the fastest-growing metros, boasting almost 17 percent population growth from 2010-2018.

Offering Desirable Class A apartment below the replacement cost

The Star on 7th provides a magnificent view of Downtown Fort Worth and offers access to all the amenities of Sundance Square. Sundance Square, spanning a 35-block entertainment and shopping district, attracts millions of visitors annually. Vision and meticulous planning have transformed Sundance Square into a thriving, versatile development featuring offices, residences, shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. As land prices in the Downtown Fort Worth submarket make affordable, lower density, and garden style construction unattainable, repurposing this property for housing emerges as an exceptionally enticing investment opportunity.

Anchored by a long-term GSA tenant

With a long-term lease secured by the GSA on the upper floors, the building's rental income will help lower our holding costs as we transform this asset into a truly mixed-use project.

Multifamily Layout

Corporate relocations brings over 20k Jobs