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Bluelofts labs exists to build the next generation of world-changing proptech companies focused on the Build World, bringing together exceptional founders, big ideas, and investment capital.

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We work with world-class entrepreneurs in Texas to turn the best ideas into market-defining, venture-funded companies.


How We do it

We are your professional co-founder. We design and build fantastic product to solve the toughest real estate tech problems, and navigate the way to finding strong customers and smart capital.


Our Playbook

Our team has developed the playbook on how to rapidly validate, refine, and build new businesses.

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We're reimagining the Built World though a few spinouts investments.

Easylayout is an online schematic design platform used to design empty buildings and turn them into apartment spaces.

This is a tech-enabled brokerage designed to help real estate agents scale their business and save money.


A boutique event venue chain allowing its members to fill the space with small groups and make the space their own.


Bluepods helps convert basements into studio apartments that requires less electrical and plumbing needs.

Rented Equity is a proptech platform that provides soft costs capital to real estate developers to move projects forward.

Purple Lots vets listed lots and bring builders and home designs to simplify every home building experience.

Bluepass is your first hotel stays subscription. Members can pay a flat fee and can stay to partner hotels up to 3 nights per month.

Hold and flip uses data analysis by localized experts to easily find your next rental property.

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